Thursday, December 6, 2018

FRS' annual December Broadcast

Dear FRS & Radio Friends,

Sunday December 30th FRS-Holland will be on air with its annual Holiday Season broadcast.
The broadcast will be on 7700//58xx  between 08:52- 14:00 UTC/ 09:52- 15:00 CET.
Similar to November 18th, the full broadcast will be repeated in the afternoon.
More info follows later in December.

FRS-Holland offers you the opportunity to send in your December Greetings to radio friends and relatives.
Your contributions are highly appreciated and will add something special to our programmes!
You can easily produce a little (written) message and send it to []. It only takes a few minutes of your spare time....
We raffle a radio DVD among those who participate in our December broadcast with their Seasonal greetings.
We'd like to ask you to do it as soon as possible as some shows will be recorded within 10 days.
Don't hesitate but just do it!
If you have the opportunity to send in an audio (mp3) clip you are more than welcome!
Written messages are also welcome via POBox 2701, 6049 ZG Herten in the Netherlands.

Join us ringing out 2018....the FRS-Holland staff is looking forward to hear from you...

73s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the staff



Friday, November 16, 2018

The State Of This Radio Show - VORW Radio International - Newsletter 12

Dear VORW Radio Listeners, 

It has been some time since the last newsletter has been sent out, this newsletter outlines schedule changes! 

If you haven't listened to the radio show recently I welcome you back! Tune in to hear a mixture of thoughtful commentary and discussion on current events, philosophical issues, motivational subjects or random topics entirely! Broadcasts also feature listener-requested music of all genres and information about the songs. 

Changing listening habits have led to a full revision of how this show is broadcast, declining shortwave listenership and fewer listener donations have led to several cutbacks and discontinuations. Digital content on SoundCloud has expanded. Nonetheless, a full shortwave service to North and South America will continue indefinitely. 


5 AM Eastern - 1000 UTC - 5950 kHz to Western North America
4 PM Eastern - 2100 UTC - 7780 kHz to Europe & North America
6 PM Eastern - 2300 UTC - 9955 kHz to South America
7 PM Eastern - 0000 UTC - 7730 kHz to Western North America
8 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 5850 kHz, 7780 kHz, 9395 kHz to North America & Europe


5 PM Eastern - 2200 UTC - 9955 kHz to South America
9 PM Eastern - 0200 UTC - 5130 kHz to North America


6 PM Eastern - 2300 UTC - 9395 kHz to North America
8 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 4840 kHz to North America (Likely to Discontinue Dec. 01)


5 PM Eastern - 2200 UTC - 7570 kHz to North America

Please send correspondence and QSL Reports to - 

You can hear VORW Radio International on Tunein at the following time:

6 PM Eastern every Thursday:

Latest programs may be heard on-demand via SoundCloud here:

This show is on the air exclusively by your support, if you enjoy what you hear please consider a donation via PayPal to:


John (VORW Radio International)

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