Sunday, September 10, 2017

EMR Relays + More

EMR Relays + More
Scheduled Transmissions from Radio City are:
3rd Saturday at 08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 9510 kHz with Repeats all other Saturdays
4th Saturday at 12.00 to 13.00 UTC on 7265 kHz via Hamburger Lokalradio
Contact address remains:

Saturday HLR:
06.00 to 10.00 UTC, on 6190 KHz
10.00 to 16.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz

European Music Radio Relays:
16th September 2017:
08.00 to 09.00 UTC  on 6070 KHz  - to Western Europe via Ch 292
21.30 to 22.00 UTC  on 7490 KHz -  to Central& North America via WBCQ
17th September 2017:
08.00 to 09.00 UTC  on 9485 KHz  - to Western Europe via MVBR
19.00 to 20.00 UTC  on 6070 KHz  - to Western Europe via Ch 292

Internet Repeats on 17th September 2017:
EMR will have this months Transmissions via two streams running at the following Times:15.00, 17.00, 19.00 UTC will be on 96 kbps /44 KHz stereo for normal listening will be 24 kbps / 22 KHz mono will be especially for low bandwidth like mobile phones.

Sunday HLR:
09.00 to 12.00 UTC on 9485 kHz
E-mail:  Thank you!
HLR FM-DAB+ Program via the Internet :  Daily 24 h

The Mighty KBC:   Programme Schedule
Please Email:  Thank you!
Hobart Radio International:
Please Email:   Thank you!


Radio Channel 292  Transmission schedules:

Radio Mi Amigo Transmission schedules:


For outside the listening area please try the Twente/Netherlands Web RX at
You can also hear many European free and alternative stations via the Internet at: 

Good Listening!   73s,  Tom

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shortwaveservice Newsletter 26. August 2017

Hello in the round,

for this weekend we have some program tips for you:

Tomorrow, Sunday, 27.08.2017 from 17-19 UTC on 11845 kHz: Radio Mi Amigo International on the 50th anniversary of the "Marine, & c, Broadcasting (Offenses) Act 1967".:
"Radio Mi Amigo International presents a very special live broadcast remembering those days 'the music almost died'. We remember Aug. 1967 (UK) and Aug., 1974 (Netherland) When the MOA ( 'Anti-Pirate-Law') wurde law in Those countries and stopped most of the offshore stations. We remember with the songs from did time and some original recordings.
The show will be aired on August 27 from 19 - 21 hr CET (17 - 19 hr UTC) on 11845 kHz in the 25m SW-band with 100 kw of power all over Europe and so online on our web streams. "

Also tomorrow, Sunday ". Radio People & Stories", 20th edition. The topics:
- German Radio from Zagreb: The voice of Croatia produced a small but beautiful radio program in German. We speak in our August issue with Natali Tabak Gregorić via the transmitter.
- 20 years ago, the last and smallest of the 45 NRW local radio station, Radio Euskirchen went on the air. Editor in chief Norbert Jeub since the beginning and told us among other things, the stimulus to work at a small station.
- 4 weeks ago, the first Small Scale DAB + ensemble "Digital Radio Bretzenheim" in Germany went on the air. Small Scale DAB provides small local radio stations the opportunity cost to enter the digital broadcasting world. Initiator Michael Pauken from Domradio Studio Near told about the project.

Programming schedule:
08-09 UTC on 6045 kHz and 7310 kHz (Live)
10-11 UTC on 6005 kHz (Rerun)
16-17 UTC on 3985 kHz and 11845 kHz (possibly substitute for Nauen from October) (Rerun)

And: The radio Documenta 14 is in the home stretch:
From August 28 to September 17, 2017 Everytime A Ear Soun Di transmits on 15560 kHz at the following times:
09: 00-13: 00 UTC. Target area is outside Europe.

We wish you a nice weekend!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

FRS on air next Sunday

Dear FRS Friend,

Next Sunday August 27th FRS will be radiating the spirit of SW Free Radio over Europe.
For details including schedule, frequencies ,times &streaming please visit our website at: next weekend's broadcast, we will start replying to all mail from July 30th and August 27th.
For next Sunday we will offer a brand new large color photo QSL!
Have a good weekend and we'll count on your support. Tune in next Sunday!!

73s  Peter Verbruggen (on behalf of the FRS staff)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Changes and Updates for VORW Radio International - Newsletter 5

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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